MailPipe powerful features set gives you the tools to do better email marketing.

Use Friendly Editor

Create great campaigns that looks good on any device in minutes.

Superior Architecture

Scale state of the art infrastructure allow you to send millions of mails using shared IPs, dedicated IPs and even your own IPs

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails allow you to send invoices, alerts, thank you mails and more email fully intgrate with your business day to day activity

Auto Responder

Use auto responders to send series of tips to site visitors, webinar attendees, and more

Real Time Analytics

Get all data in real time allowing you to improve performances instantly

Email Templates

Use one of our email template to create a beautiful mail that looks great in any device.

Open Image

Use our advanced technology to send mails with open images which look great even if the contact block image download

Rich API

Our rich API allow you to fully integrate Mailpipe email deliveries features into your business logic. You can integrate your site, CRM, site, marketing software and more

SMTP Relay

Use our SNMP relay for quick and smooth integration

A/B Testing

Use advanced A/B testing to improve your performances

Event Trigger Emails

Use event triggering to shoot your email in the exact time to the right audience


Our open infrastructure allows smooth integration with industry leaders such as Ongage, Dr mailer, and more