As we see many more tools, widgets, Email Marketing Software and marketing techniques online, many exciting trends and developments hit the world of email marketing in 2019. Yes, we are still talking about our beloved newsletter but in its evolution, it’s making exciting changes.

In 2019, just like we all seen in previous years we as marketers have to leverage new technologies such as marketing automation and other tools so we can keep pushing ahead and stay in the game. According to our observations and analysis emails are becoming more and more personalized and more interactive.

We want to be on top of things, I bet you too. So here are some trends to take into account which you can practically use today.

1. Personalization is not a bonus – it’s a must

We all know that the recipients have no time, are picky and they are blind to the old generic, boring newsletters. They want to see something for them that interest them – preferably at the right time of the day which is relevant to the message.

Every bit of information will help conversion, whether it’s the age, gender, content, relevant things that are happening now or anything else that can make the person you are targeting more interested and engaged.

We as marketers should have it as a goal and even write the necessary KPI’s to try to achieve this goal. The key to this tool is data, who that will have more data will have a better conversion, it’s just the way it is today.

Many new exciting innovations in technology should enable marketers to identify content that performs better, faster and creates better conversion and engagement.

2. Mobile – we know it, but keep in mind the experience.

Well, now that even my grandma is using a mobile device (surprisingly she can get her head around it) mobile is stronger than ever before.

When mobile is strong it is a huge mistake not to design for a good mobile experience.

Keep in mind that we have our mobile in the most intimate places and not just at the office. We carry it day and night and even before we go to sleep, so you can design for that with the right content in good timing.

3. Interactive content – well, you can be creative here…

Making the content interactive can be fun, refreshing and can stand out of the crowd which is super important. You can create games, quizzes or allow people to directly answer questions or even purchase items without leaving the email.

Using interactive content can help increase sales, educate or simply to engage or entertain. Fun games can be a great way to get subscribers in the habit of opening your emails.

4. Deliverability – yes, it’s gonna get worse…

Deliverability is a serious concern for marketers. No matter which email marketing software you are using or whether you have dedicated send servers or not, it’s a challenge. There are a variety of reasons, one is because of increased standards from major ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL, emails can quickly disappear or land in the SPAM folder, making all that hard work in creative useless. To reach the inbox every time and maximize revenue from email marketing campaigns, marketers need to ensure they are sending relevant content to high-quality value email subscribers and stop focusing on the total quantity of emails sent. In 2019, that means embracing best practices even more, keeping good data hygiene, segmenting properly and making sure efforts are not going into the SPAM folder.

Reaching the inbox should definitely be a goal, you can use dedicated sending servers, shared servers, the help of a professional – everything goes. You should know where your email will land and make the necessary adjustments accordingly.

5. Text only emails – Did time move backwards now?

YES, we now see more and more plain text emails. Are there images, games, interactive content, GIF’s.. NO, just plain text.. old school HTML.

Well we are not sure why is it, we are sure this kind of newsletters have increased significantly in the last years and keep going. Perhaps it’s because plain text emails deliver more to the inbox, maybe they look more like emails from friends or family so people relate to them more. Maybe it’s the sum of all parts that makes text-only emails more and more popular. We think that it’s definitely worth a place in the email mix.